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Veggie Barter Australia




Our Story

We've loved every minute of our urban homestead journey!

Our Mission

We’re growing a community of self-sufficient, sustainable, nourished households. We aim to educate, inspire, facilitate and promote food security. We encourage environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of reducing hunger and poverty by creating networks of people, providing skill building workshops and facilitating the bartering and trading of home grown food, foraged wild edibles, homemade goods and services.

Our Trade Meets

Come along and attend our monthly Hawkesbury Veggie Barter Trade Meets, where you can trade your goodies, meet like minded people and enjoy a sausage sizzle. Trade meet dates and locations can be found HERE

Our Facebook group is where you can post your excess produce, preserves, honey, eggs, homemade items, foraged wild edibles etc.. up for trade. You are able to barter your goods with others for items you are in need of. No money changes hands, just a friendly smile and an exchange of goods.

Our Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is where you will find tips and advice for sustainable living practices. Such as edible gardening, preserving, keeping livestock and making homemade household necessities.

We offer workshops that are aimed at arming you with self-sufficiency skills and knowledge. Learn skills to prolong your harvest such as, home canning, preserving, pickling and fermenting, Learn how to turn your homegrown herbs into medicinal salves, balms and oils. Learn how to turn foraged weeds and trees into baskets, spoons and utensils. Learn how identify foraged wild edibles and take advantage of the free wild food around us!